A downloadable Adventure for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The game takes place in 2063. An event known as the annihilation. This was a massive heatwave that wiped out alot of the population. In during battle in the game miniture heatwaves damage both the player and the enemy soliders.


  1. Q - Convert Rage
  2. Left Mouse Click - Sword Attack
  3. Right Mouse Click -  Block
  4. W - Move Forward
  5. D - Move Backwards

The game does have one noticable bug but to avoid it from happening you have to make sure you don't hold the W key or you'll be pushed out of the map for a strange reason.

This game was made for the game jam which was very fun to make and I really enjoyed making it and gathering the experience while developing a game.

Credit to my little brother who made a few models but apart from that the entire game was made by me.

This is my first gamejam also so the experience was amazing.

My instagram is JJ1mmy45


The Day That The Heatwave Struck 32 MB

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